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12 Free AWS Online Training Resources for IT Pros

1.AWS Free Tier For even more opportunities to learn about cloud services and how AWS components work, sign up for AWS Free Tier. For 12 months, you can play with Amazon EC2 (for compute), Amazon S3 (for storage), Amazon RDS (for relational database), AWS IoT (to connect “Internet of Things” devices to the cloud) and… Read more »

Free Microsoft Azure Online Training Resources You Need

Microsoft and third parties offer plenty of high-quality training and related resources for the Microsoft Azure cloud service. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that enables individuals and companies to deploy web applications, virtual servers and entire IT platforms, as well as host databases, perform analytics and store data…. Read more »

The best cloud backup services available today

1.Code 42 CrashPlan Code 42 offers both small entrepreneurs and enterprise-sized companies backup plans. Plans start at six dollars every month for one user. In terms of a large plan, you have to require for a price quote. Affordable managed services are available for users who do not have dedicated… Read more »

Cloud computing and cloud reference model

The control of security in cloud computing is not much different than the security controls in any IT environment yet. However, cloud services are “rented” to use, so the operating model and the technology used for cloud services can create new risks compared to traditional IT solutions . Cloud reference… Read more »

Learn to control the security in the cloud

The security of an organization that is characterized by efficiency and completeness of the security controls are implemented, with the ability to adjust to the risks. These controls are implemented in one or more layers, from the premises equipment (physical security), network infrastructure (network security) to the IT system (security… Read more »

Data encryption when syncing via cloud computing services

With cloud services, the user’s data is synchronized automatically without requiring the devices to be connected together, just connect to the Internet is enough. However, the problem needs to be resolved is the security of data in the service. Data synchronization and security issues: The cloud computing service that allows… Read more »

Checking in: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Singapore’s one and only Mandarin Oriental is easily one of the city’s most stunning hotels, and it has an incredible view to match its luxurious accommodations. This is a landmark in a dynamic city that offers the best of what Singapore has to offer under one roof. The Mandarin Oriental in Singapore… Read more »

10 unconventional hotels around the world

Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah, USA If you’re visiting Las Vegas and suddenly feel the need for a little privacy, take a 4.5-hour-drive to this gorgeous concrete palace. Set deep within the canyons of Utah, this resort is beautifully designed to blend into its surroundings. You’ll never get bored here with its wide selection… Read more »


Do you know about a football player, Lionel Messi? Have you ever heard about Barcelona Football Club? If you don’t concern sport or you always like sport or you are the faithful balls, Barcelona is a name which is very familiar with anyone. However, it’s not all about Barcelona because a… Read more »


When mentioning in visiting Korea, anyone first thinks about Seoul and Jeju Island. Unlike Seoul City with bustle, busy people and crowed vehicles, closely high buildings, Jeju Island is depositional and calm. This island is completely suitable for the title “The Island of Peace”. Jeju is the Korea’s largest island… Read more »