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Louise Lake is a very beautiful lake which is formed by melting glaciers formed. This lake has a different beauty with another lake with blue and sparkling water in the sun. Louise Lake is located in Banff National Park as one of the world heritages was recognized by UNESCO in… Read more »

Clean up the rhododendrons, de-stress tomatoes and cut back seeding columbines: Nigel Colborn’s essential jobs for your garden this week

 pruning peony tree – Rhododendrons will soon be over and may benefit from light pruning If tomatoes overheat or become drought-stressed, the fruit can develop physiological disorders Hard areas develop on the uppermost sides of the fruit, then refuse to ripen DE-STRESS TOMATOES As we approach 2016’s longest day, on… Read more »

Grow nectar-rich flowers, give them shelter and plant ‘buzz’ varieties in pots: Nigel Colborn’s jobs for your garden this week

Losing bees and other pollinators would be disastrous Plants like lavender and sage are particularly attractive to insects  If your garden is exposed, consider planting for shelter  The insect world is in trouble. Numbers are falling in more than 60 per cent of invertebrate species, and many are facing extinction…. Read more »

Pick of the pinks: Nigel Colborn says take cuttings now so you can enjoy another glorious display next summer

Pinks offer sensational show when they flower in June and July If bought in pots, they can be planted whenever you like Best time to take cuttings is between now and late July Make no mistake – pinks are garden megastars. They don’t grow very big and that needly foliage… Read more »

Bearded beauties! Nigel Colborn says iris blooms may be short-lived but that’s why they are such treasures

June is the richest month for irises – which come in harmonious colours  The bearded varieties – the largest and most colourful – are at their best   The time for lifting, dividing and re-planting is straight after flowering  How can mere words describe the beauty of an iris? Harmonious colours and… Read more »